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sideboard arts and crafts samsons joinery We are at the Scottish Furniture Makers annual exhibition just now at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh until the middle of November 2016.


At Samson's Joinery we design in an Art Nouveau, Edwardian, American mission or Glasgow style. We construct all manner of furniture and architectural joinery, from front doors (when we trade under the name "Scottish Doors" on a separate web site) to picture frames, bookcases to fitted kitchens, fire surrounds to radiator covers (when we trade under the name "Scottish Radiator Covers" on a separate web site). We also make stained glass windows, we even build conservatories. And, as if that were not enough, we also dabble in graphic arts as type-setters (which is handy as we can engrave things most beautiful) and designers of beaten copper or pewter panels. How we got to be so talented is a fascinating story that you may, however, want to miss!
  If you have too much time on your hands, there are links to tell you more about us and our more unusual work and our cabinet makers, what the papers say about our work, and even some wierd and wonderful things, like the gibbet made for Gaelic television on which James Stewart was hanged for the murder of the "Red Fox" in 1752.
   We specialise in the styles of around the year 1900, especially Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, be that in our stained glass work, cabinet making, antiques or decoration. For that reason we especially like to use native oak. And, true to the Arts and Crafts ethos, we will make almost anything ourselves, and make it by hand. If you are interested in commissioning a piece of furniture, you might wish to check our page on commissioning. Below is an example of a drawing we produce for clients. If you do wish to commission work from us, you must bear this in mind. We do not give you the hard sell. Quite the opposite. If you want us to make something for you, you may have to chivvy us along.
   As founder of the Scottish Furniture Makers Association, I can highly recommend that you visit their website. Most of the sixty odd (and I use the word odd advisedly) cabinet makers making up the membership are enthusiasts of the contemporary, so they aren't really competitors. The SFMA also holds exhibitions and shows that are well worth the visit. If you want to find out more the association has a website. The present website is brand new and I haven't wandered all through it yet. But the old one had a "salesroom", which contained finished pieces of furniture ready for immediate sale, including pieces by Samsons Joinery.
    If you too are beguiled by the period, whether as a collector, period home owner, or just plain enthusiast, you may be interested in some of the web links we have posted. If you do get in touch by email, you will be put on a mailing list for a single annual newsletter. It seeks only to remind you of my existence, and usually contains plenty to amuse you. For instance, the Salmon sideboard below appeared in the newsletter of 2014, reputed to be commissioned by Robert Maxwell as a gift to Alex Salmond on the eve of the Independence Referendum. Finally, our contact details are up at the very top left.