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Despite trying to give up this cabinet making malarkee for a whole year, I'm still taking commissions. Here is a drawing of one of the most recent. I've even surprised the boys (and new girl!) at the workshop by making something (chessboard below). An uncommon enough event at the best of times, but more so now that the first anniversary of chopping off the ends of two fingers has just arrived. No celebrations or accidents are planned.
  The Scottish Furniture Makers Association held its annual exhibition last year in Edinburgh and, for the first time, Glasgow. It was very successful with 35 members exhibiting some fantastic furniture. So impressive was it that in 2010 I'm hoping to invite "celebrities" to the opening night. They may not be the most famous celebrities, but they will all be talented, famous for being good at something, mostly artistic something: acting, music, painting.
  Over a year ago I encouraged previous customers to become patrons, art lovers, who would offer to underwrite a piece going to the prestigious Cheltenham show. If it sold for its full amount, all well and good. But if it faied to sell at the show, the underwriter was to get the piece for a previously agreed sum, well below the sale price. And so it came to be that the bookcase was sold to just such an art lover who had the pleasure of knowing themselves to be a patron of the arts and having got a bargain.
  At our own SFMA show I was lucky enough to sell the big bookcase that I exhibited as well as have it underwritten. My patron came up trumps too, for we built her a replacement bookcase at the reduced price for her troubles, having previously commissioned three other pieces. I am planning to exhibit a similar bookcase, with more bells and whistles, called "a gardener's cabinet". It too will have a full show price and an underwritten art lover's price.