Works Timetable

last updated 1 March 2010

The works timetable is split into three sections. It is rarely accurate.
The first is work underway or in the queue or finished. You can check here to see how your project is progressing or when your furniture is likely to be completed.
The second section is the grey area of commissions that are "in discussion". You may have an idea of what you would like and I may have talked to you about it. You might be waiting on a drawing and price or you may have received the drawings but have asked for changes. No matter how high or low you are in this section, you will jump to the bottom of works queue as soon as you say yes to the proposed piece and pay a deposit.
The third section is limbo. This is where clients go who have not responded to the drawings sent to them or who have bamboozled me with a seemingly impossible task. If you are in this section, please get in touch, for your own sake. Let me know if you are still interested in the project, otherwise you will languish here for eternity. We obviously remove the names of prospective customers whom we discover to have died while waiting.
   client     job description   present stage of work      projected completion

Fiona Muirhead radiator covers in queue March
Don Dennis oak door nearing completion March
Jean Macleod cabinet starting soon
Helen McAvoy hall cupboards just started
Isabel McIntyre radiator covers just started March
May Trellis art nouveau door drawing
Karen McCraken bookcase drawing
Alison Lasenby front door finished awaiting fitting
Elaine Henry door in queue

   client     job description   present stage of work      projected completion

Ray & Gillian Foulkes television unit drawing
Karen McCarthy kitchen awaiting visit
Kate Aitchison kitchen
Clive Boothby radiator cover awaiting visit
Lesley McAuley front door awaiting visit
Chris Linington bookcase drawing
Terry Hobday radiator cover & fireplace
David Wilson bookcase drawing
Sheila & Ken Capewell bookcase awaiting client decision
Eric Hampton cupboard door drawing
Bob Downie bookcases

   client     job description   present stage of work      projected completion

Julie Probert
Mary Vaughan
Helen Moore

How long will my project take?

Stained glass panels work to an independent schedule.
  Otherwise, position in the queue is roughly first come first served. But the time between accepting our design and paying a deposit to starting work on your piece is usually only a matter of a few weeks. The longest delay is between our first meeting and finally agreeing a design. That can be your fault as much as my own inability to find time or inspiration to draw your piece of furniture. In some instances, the whole project grinds to a halt after a customer hums and haws, asks for a few changes, awaits "artistic inspiration" (usually in the form of glass or copper panel designs). The longest part of the wait can be shortened considerably if you see something we have made before and ask for the same thing (only bigger, smaller, stained darker, with different stained glass panels, etcetera).